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The Professor

Hey everyone!

I write erotica short stories, I hope that one day I can be a published author. I’m going to take you with me through my sexcapades (all my stories are based on my sexual experiences) I’m going to aim to release 1-2 stories a month. The rest of the time I will be talking about sex from positions to the best sex music! I love sex and I hope you enjoy!

The Professor

“He slowly unbuttons my blouse with his teeth, building up the anticipation as each button came undone. I held myself up on his desk my legs wrapped around his waist. I could feel his dick though his khaki pants poking my pussy through my already damp shorts. I want all of him inside me; my pussy is pulsating with desire. He slowly reveals my nipples I throw my head back and moan with pleasure as he sucks each one at a time. I can feel my panties soak as flicks his tongue on top of each rock hard nipple and blows cold air on them. He sucks my whole breast into his mouth; I can feel my legs begin to shake. My arms begin to buckle because he is pleasing my nipples and breast so well. He brings his head back up to my face and kisses my lips passionately I moan with pleasure. I grab the back of his neck as he starts taking off my shirt…”

“Miss Williams? …” A deep sexy voice shook me out of my fantasy. I blankly stared back at my professor whom was standing over me, Professor Young. He was fine around 6’2”, deep chocolate skin. Hazel eyes and he was built like hell. You could tell because he wore these tight polo shirts that showed his muscles he wore those tucked into these khaki pants that didn’t hide much lets just say that. Could you blame me for wanting him, let alone every girl in the class? “Earth to Miss Williams, did you do the homework from last night?” He flashed me a cinematic smile showing me that he was playing. He held out his hand, I looked right at his huge fingers all I could think about was his fingers playing with my pussy.
“Um…uh yeah I did.” I answered I didn’t look him in the face as I handed him my assignment I didn’t want him to know what I was thinking about him. He took my assignment and walked away towards the front to finish the lecture. My friend leaned over.
“Girl you got it so bad, you could totally tell what you was thinking about that man.” She started giggling and went back to taking notes. I slumped down into my chair. Fuck my life! I thought to myself. This was going to be a long semester. I have had only one partner in my life, my high school boyfriend but deep down I knew I was a freak. My high school boyfriend had never done anything for me. I maybe had two orgasms the whole time we dated. We did two positions the whole time we dated missionary and doggy-style and I gave oral sex. I had never been eaten out before but I heard that shit was the bomb and I wanted a man to eat me. I needed a master plan to get Professor Young inside me. Class was dismissed I went home and that night I masturbated to Professor Young being inside me I have never came so hard in my whole life.

The next couple weeks were rough to watch girls in my class were throwing themselves at Professor Young, dumbing themselves down to get alone time with the man. Now I wasn’t the one to challenge my intelligence to get with a man I needed a new approach something that no one had tried yet. He offered extra credit for anyone that went and read at the poetry slam at this club he co owned. Brotha was getting even finer to me now. I saw my shot so that night I put on my sexy black dress, this dress hugged me in all the right places and I did my hair. Let me give you a little visual I’m 5’6, long curly hair down to almost my waist I’m Puerto Rican and black I have green eyes and dark caramel skin. I was feeling myself to the pint where I wanted to fuck myself. I got to the club and signed up to read my poem, I looked around for my professor hoping to see him before I went up but he was nowhere to be found. Before I knew it my name was called and I began to regret signing up because my poem wasn’t as good as everyone else’s. I finally got on stage and the spotlight shined on me. I get a couple whistles from the crowd and a couple of “dayum baby’s”, I couldn’t help but smile from the attention. I began to read:
‘The conversation goes unfinished—
The feelings inside eventually subside
We move on; don’t hold on;
We regret; don’t forget;
The words that went unsaid—
That one night that changed it
We started to break; what we had was fake;
Built on one night of bliss’

There was applause as I left the stage and still no sign of Professor Young so I headed towards the door. I felt a strong hand grab my arm. I turned around and smiled, my sexy ass professor was standing right in front of me.
“You’re not leaving are you?” he asked while he flashed his pearly whites. He was undressing me with his eyes. I nearly came right there.
“I was on my way out I don’t know anyone” I smiled back
“Well you know me. Come and have a drink with me girl.” I complied not even saying anything about me being underage. “Your poem was good, I liked it.” He said as we sat down, he ordered us drinks and it was on. We had a lot in common besides age he was a decade older then I was; we were both single, had three siblings, loved poetry, enjoyed scary movies and loved basketball. We had a few more drinks he looked over at me and asked “How do you like it?”
Shocked by his forwardness I asked what came natural. “How do I like what?”
He laughed and shook his head “How many people you been with?” I finally realized he was talking about sex. I looked away and started blushing and I was getting really hot. “If you’re uncomfortable we can change the subject” he said quickly
“No…um one person” I was getting sweaty. I didn’t know how to handle his forwardness.
“So you don’t know how you want it” he smiled. His face was getting closer to mine.
“I um I do…I know I want it from you”

As soon as the words left my mouth he leaned in and kissed me. I could feel his tongue go deep inside my throat and my mouth. I scooted closer into him and positioned my legs so that my pussy was open for business. I bit his bottom lip he let out a little moan as he pulled away and started kissing my neck making my panties wet. I reached down and started caressing his dick through his pants, I was right the man was huge. I moaned quietly as he bit my ear I wanted to taste him again. I brought his lips back to my face and kissed him passionately, I sucked on his tongue. He tasted so good. I wanted him more then ever he was so gentle as he slid my panties to the side and slid his fingers inside my wet pussy. He started playing with my pussy so good I forgot where I was I moaned loud as he shoved both fingers all the way in and started stroking my G-spot slowly. He was still kissing me when he brushed his thumb over my clit. I lost it and came all over his fingers and hands. When I finally came down from cloud nine I realized the club was about to close and we had to leave. When we got to my car he asked if I wanted to finish up at his place. I felt bad because I really couldn’t I had an early exam the next day and that I would make it up to him. I could see the disappointment in his gorgeous hazel eyes. Upset I didn’t get to feel the glorious dick I went to bed masturbating about the professor inside me.

The next day I wore a tight white tank top with a short skirt and some fuck me heels, not the most ideal thing to wear to class but hey I said I would make it up to him. I didn’t wear any panties I was going to give him a little show during the lecture so I sat the 3rd row up right in the middle seat so he could get a good view. I immediately caught his eye as he entered the classroom he smiled at me and I flashed him a smile as I uncrossed my legs giving him a view of my pussy then crossed them again. He looked shocked; he knew he was in for an hour of teasing. He couldn’t help looking at me all threw lecture; each time he looked my way I uncrossed my legs letting him see how juicy my pussy was. I could tell he wanted me each time I uncrossed my legs. He lost it when he looked up at me and I was playing with my pussy. He let out lecture early and I stayed behind as everyone filed out of class. I walked down the stairs slowly letting him watch me. I walked past him to the door I shut the blinds to the classroom and locked the door. He was the last class of the day in this classroom, finally he was all mine.

I leaned up against the desk facing the chair he was seated in. It was his cue he prompted me to open my legs so he could feel my pussy. He started playing with my clit and biting my nipples through my shirt and bra. I put my right foot on top of the desk so he could work his fingers into my tight wet pussy I moaned with satisfaction I felt like I had a dick inside of me as he stuck three fingers inside of me. He rubbed my inner wall with his three fingers while he played with my clit with his thumb I wriggled my hips around and moaned loud it felt better then the night before I erupted all over his hand and fingers he put the fingers to my mouth and I licked my sweet nectar off his fingers. I laid my back on the desk and my left foot on the desk my head was hanging over the back of the desk. He scooted his chair forward ready for his afternoon snack. He started feasting on my pussy like a starving child in Africa . His thick tongue entered in and out of my pussy making my legs shake as I came into his mouth, I couldn’t hold them in this position. I placed my legs around his shoulders and enjoyed the ride. His tongue rolled up and down and around my clit. He sucked up all of my juices not letting a single drop go to waist. He took me to a place I have never been before, he feasted on my pussy like a mad man and after he was satisfied with his meal he stopped.

I sat up and there was his dick hard and ready. We switched spots. I moistened my lips and readied the tip of his dick with my tongue. I wasn’t going to be able to get his entire juicy dick in my mouth but hey I was a college student might as well go for an A, at least for effort. I licked all up and down the shaft of his dick, I took each of his balls in my mouth slowly I could feel his legs begin to shake then I spit on the head of his dick and went to town. He moaned and caressed the back of my head pushing his juicy dick further inside me. I worked one hand at the base, the other hand on his thigh for leverage and I worked the rest of his thick dick into my mouth and into the back of my throat. I contracted my cheek muscles and jacked him off for about twenty minutes until he busted in my mouth. He was so delectable I swallowed every last drop.

“ Bend over the desk” he instructed. I complied he pulled down my skirt and kissed me from my ass to my calf, he opened my ass cheeks with his hands and played with the outside of my pussy with the head of his dick, making me want him more. He entered me slowly so he wouldn’t hurt me. I could tell he was dying to fuck me hard. I moaned as he started pumping his dick inside if me. He leaned over me and grabbed the desk for leverage he fucked me so hard I could hear my ass slapping against his balls. I started screaming. I wanted to scream stop but he felt so good inside me. He started pounding my pussy hard I could feel my juices flow down my leg. He slowed the pace down so that I wouldn’t be so loud. Slowly stroking me I could feel him hit my G-spot with each stroke. “Wait, don’t cum yet”. He pulled out and instructed me to lie on the desk flat on my back with my pussy as close to the edge as possible. Slightly confused but completely submissive I did what I was told. He grabbed my legs and put them on his right shoulder and leaned in. He slid inside me pounding me again this time he had no intentions of stopping. I could feel him in my chest, I couldn’t breathe, and he was hitting it so hard I could even moan or yell. I was reaching and grabbing for something to hold onto he was fucking me rigorously I finally let out a single moan. Finally he picked me up and sat down on the chair. I wrapped my legs around his waist and grabbed a hold of his muscular shoulders. I bounced up and down on his dick he was going deeper then before. I moved my ass in circles so that he could feel all my walls. I slammed all of him inside me and started rocking slowly I could feel myself about to burst everywhere.
“IM GONNA CUM” I screamed over and over until I burst all over his dick never before had I felt that sensation. He came right after me inside me. After a few minutes sitting in each others arms I realized we had been fucking for almost three hours. I got up, still a little shaky and smiled. I thanked him for giving me the best orgasms of my life. I started getting dressed and he grabbed my arm and pulled me in for a kiss. “No thank you, I would love to do this again.” I got the rest of my clothes on and headed towards the door just as I was about to exit I turned to him, smiled and said “Lets do dinner first next time” and left.

The next day in class I got one of my assignments back from my Professor with a number and a note saying “Call me sometime! I would love to go out and finish what we started”. Needless to say I got an A in my Creative Writing class and I have been dating Professor Young for almost a year now and the sex never gets boring. Who knows what will happen between me and Professor Young the age thing has never been a problem for us but thanks to him I will always be able to answer the question “How do you like it?”
I like it long, hard and with a happy ending.