Take a journey with me through my sexcapades!

HotBox Special!

I don’t know about you but sometimes I just have to do it myself. No one knows your body better then you do so why not explore it and find out what you like. This Hotbox special gets is a must have in your secret spot ladies!! Dont be fooled by its size its powerful and definitely gets the job done! Fellas this is a great foreplay item to have for your lady I’m telling you it will spice up that sex life!

This is a HotBox special:

LELO VIBRATOR – you can find this at your nearest lovers package! Or http://en.lelo.com/

LELO vibrator

LILY is the original LELO pleasure object – a stylish yet powerful massager that has done so much more than stand the test of time. Because of its sleek shape and its size, its a discreet personal companion that is designed for play in every sense of the word. DON T LET THE SIZE FOOL YOU. Its fully-rechargeable (no batteries needed) so that makes this baby even more convenient and it also comes with a lifetime warranty. This massager is able to deliver precise control through five exciting modes of stimulation, LILY’s couple-friendly form makes it the massager of choice for those who enjoy having intense pleasure at their fingertips.

When I tell you this is a must have I mean it!!!!

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