Take a journey with me through my sexcapades!

Let’s talk about sex

Last night I had the realest conversation with my older sister and mentor. We had a conversation about my sexuality and how uncomfortable it makes my family. We were trying to come up with reasons why this was because everyone has sex. So why is it the least talked about in our homes with our parents and friends??

Growing up in a strict christian home, I was taught that sex was purely pleasurable for the man and that WE as women should only have sex for child birth. I was told as a young girl that it was inappropriate, for me to explore my sexuality and that I would never find a proper husband of God if i had a lot of sex out of the sanctity of marriage. I was always told or it was always implied that a woman is put on this earth to do the 3 C’s; cook, clean and child labor. As sad as it sounds, its true, I really thought like this until I was about 16yrs old.

When I lost my virginity I remember feeling a sense of shame and guilt but for some reason I felt liberated and like a woman. Throughout my sex life I have learned to accept and explore my sexuality. Sex is a beautiful thing, it’s the only time you are connected with someone with your mind, body and soul. Despite if you think your having sex with no strings attached you are still connected to that person.

My mom always asks if “I’m ok” the fact that I’m so open about my sexuality makes her very uncomfortable. I used to not be able to say anything about sex with her but I feel like sex should be disused in our homes with our parents way more then it actually is. We shouldn’t be learning about sex from movies or school , it should be our parents informing us. So if you have kids talk to them about sex, if you have questions ask your parents (trust me they know a thing or two)

A little food for thought.

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