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My sexy Sailor

Ooo gurl you know thats cute!” I said to my friend Mya , she had just came out of the dressing room in a naughty nurse outfit. “You know you gonna be breakin’ necks!” She smiled at my compliment and went back inside the room to put her regular clothes back on. It was Halloween time, the perfect excuse for any girl to dress up as a ho, so while shopping for my sluttish outfit, I smiled to myself as I was secretly thinking about who I was going to fuck in it. I then realized I had no one to recycle, it had been over almost a year since I had gotten dicked down and there was no way in hell I was going back to one of my ex’s. I would have to find someone new. I smiled with excitement, let the games begin.

Halloween night came around and I started getting ready and thinking about all my potential fuck buddy for the night just thinking about it made me wet. I knew right then at that moment I was fucking someone that night, I just didn’t know who. I didn’t want to sound like a ho so I kept my thoughts to myself and kept fantasizing about the possibilities. My imagination was going wild. I knew I was going to be breaking necks that night, I was going as a sexy fairy. I had my tutu with some booty shorts underneath and a sexy top that showed off my breasts then to top it off six inch heels. My girl Bailey made up her costume and was going as a lingerie princess, my girl Emily was going as an elf and my girl Mya was going as a naughty nurse. I knew they weren’t down for me getting down and doing the nasty but I was determined to get the dick that night. While snapping pictures of our half covered bodies I realized how hot we all looked and knew something amazing was going to happen that night.

The club was packed with half naked females and drunk dudes but everyone was having a good time. I was drunk and on the prowl for my victim. About halfway through the night I hadn’t found anyone. Dudes were either not cute enough or had no swag at all. All my girls were cuddled up with dudes they had found that night, I unfortunately hadn’t found anyone on my level. I was beginning to feel discouraged when one of the sexiest dudes I had ever seen walked by. He was tall dark and handsome, I was almost tempted to grab his arm and get his attention but I got scared and let him walk by. It was fate, my girl Emily was dancing with this cutie Aaron and all of a sudden Mr. Sexy chocolate himself walked up to him and said something to him in his ear. I knew right then I wanted him he was wearing a white and black button down shirt with some fresh Jordan’s , his swag was on point. We eventually made eye contact he smiled at me and I smiled back, undressing him with my eyes. Yes, he was fuck worthy! His friend told him to dance with me because he was trying to get on with my girl. He willingly complied. We started grinding and I bounced my ass up and down on his dick, he grabbed my hips with his big hands, clearly I was getting him hard. I turned around pushed him up against the wall turned back around and put my feet up on the wall and started poppin’ my ass as hard as I could. I was broke him off for the next couple songs. He was hard and I was wet, I was going to get my back broke tonight after all!

As we headed out from the club he told me his name, Dion, we exchanged numbers. He was from Chicago and he had an accent, which made him even more attractive. While everyone else was figuring out what they were going to do for the rest of the night I slipped into some sweats and pulled Dion into the back of Emily’s car. He was shocked about how willing I was to fuck. But hell I didn’t care, I was ready and the man was sexy as fuck.

He started kissing my neck and grabbed my breasts making me moan. I started dry humping him so that he would get the picture that I wanted the dick inside me, it was big, very big, I smiled like I had found the buried treasure. He started rubbing my clit with his hands making me even more wet. He asked me if I wanted the dick. I nodded, I couldn’t say anything he was playing with the clit so well, I was about to cum. Right when I was about to climax there was a knock on the window. FUCK! We both looked up and started laughing we simultaneously sat up and tried to play it off. Apparently, we put on quite a show, everyone was hella chill about it but we ended up going our separate ways that night. Pissed, that I didn’t get my back broke that night or an orgasm I sat in the back seat silent the whole way home. We had all found a dude in the same group. This was a start of something amazing.

About a week later, we made our way to Aaron’s house, Emily’s little twirk. He was having a get together and he wanted us to come through. I smiled D and I had been talking, I knew what was going to happen, I was going to get that glorious dick. As soon as we arrived Aaron poured us drinks, I scoped the place out for Dion he was nowhere to be found. So I walked to the bathroom and Aaron’s door just so happened to be cracked, I saw Dion with another girl in his lap. He saw me, so I switched my hips and went into the bathroom. The minute I stepped out of the bathroom I was confronted by Ivan, Bailey’s twirk. He told me that the girl was drunk and that Dion wanted to see me.

When I got out of the bathroom I walked over to the bar area of the apartment making eye contact with Dion and putting a little switch in my hips again I turned my ass to him making sure to poke it out. I turned my head and smiled at him knowing I was being a tease. He came over grabbed my hips and smacked my ass, whispered in my ear telling me I looked good. I turned around and smiled coyly at him, took two shots to show him that I wasn’t a child and walked to the couch and sat down.I could feel his eyes on me, watching my every move. He was fucking me with his eyes, I was doing the same.I was getting anxious I wanted to fuck already. A few drinks later, I courageously walked over to him and asked him if he was ready for me, shocked by my forwardness he laughed and asked me if I was ready. I laughed and nodded, he knew it was on so he put on his shoes and we started heading over to his place. My heart started racing, with each click of my heels we were getting closer to the destination. I knew what was going to happen, I was feigning for it. As soon as we entered the house we were all over each other, FINALLY we were alone. He led me to his room and he kissed my neck, he knew it was my spot, I was instantly wet. As he undressed me and rubbed my clit I was completely turned on, I finally found someone that could do two things at once. My juices were dripping down my leg, pleased that he could get me so ready, he pulled out his dick. It was bigger then it felt through his pants. I smiled with excitement.

My pussy was pulsating, I laid on the bed and opened my legs invitingly and he crawled slowly in between them slowly. He played with my clit with the tip of his dick. I wanted him to stop playing and fuck my already so I grabbed his dick and started putting it inside me. My pussy was tight, so tight he had trouble getting it in. I had to open my legs wider to help him in, he worked it in slowly, finally I had ten inches of stiff dick inside me. He started thrusting in and out of me, making me feel every inch, each time going harder and each time going faster. I arched my back I wanted him to fuck the shit out of me and make me cum. He took my legs and put them on top of his shoulders and leaned in on them. He was so deep inside me I screamed, it hurt so good. He hit it faster and faster, his dick running in and out of me every second hitting my G-spot every time. I was about to cum. I was screaming with pleasure, he took my legs and put them around his waist and started doing circles inside me. I came all over his dick. My body tensed up, I grabbed him and held him close, I was out of breath it felt as if I was on cloud nine.

Before I could get too comfortable enjoying my orgasm he smacked my thighs and told me to turn over he was going to hit from the back, I willingly complied. He entered me with full force, my pussy was tighter then it was when we first started he forced himself inside me. With every thrust of his hips it felt like he was hitting my lungs, I put my head down towards the bed and tried not scream, it didn’t work. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled on them hard fucking me harder then before going deeper and deeper, I started crawling away, wanting him to pull me back. He did for a couple minutes I was screaming with pleasure. I could feel him going deeper and deeper inside me hitting the right spot every-time. I was about to cum again,when his roommate Ivan popped into the room wanting to watch. Pissed that I missed out on another orgasm because of yet another interruption. We put our clothes back on and headed back over to Aaron’s party. My girls were looking for me anyways they wanted to leave. Standing outside in the freezing cold about to leave I was getting to know Dion, I just realized I fucked a stranger. I told him that I wanted this to be completely physical nothing more then that. Besides I was a nursing student with a minor in spanish and he had two kids and was in the navy, I didn’t think it would be a healthy relationship anyways. Leaving that night I was happy, I had finally found a fuck buddy!

Dion and I text regularly, he was concerned about me an my school and didn’t want to affect that. I didn’t care, all I was concerned about was getting that dick again. Aaron and Emily were hitting it off pretty well so I knew I was going to get to see Dion again that upcoming weekend. So that friday Emily, Bailey and I got dressed up and headed to Aaron’s place yet again. When we got there Dion wasn’t there, I found out he was on the ship, disappointed I wasn’t going to get none that night I started drinking and watching music videos. I was going to let my girls have there fun and be with there twirks, so I was just kicking it on the couch by myself, when Mr. Big Dick himself walked in. I was ecstatic, trying not to smile to big I got up walked over and gave him a hug, he grabbed my ass. He sat on the couch and I sat on his lap. We were alone in the living room and we started talking and he hit me with a headliner. He had a girl or some female that was living with him and bought him things, I brushed it off I wanted his dick and nothing else. We talked some more and we got to know each other. Eventually our conversation turned sexual and we started touching and feeling on each other, I straddled him and bit his ear, he moaned and grabbed my hips. He took me into another room, the one right next to Aaron’s.

I knew we weren’t supposed to be in there it wasn’t his room so we had to be quiet. I pulled off my leggings and got on my hands an knees for him, I was ready. He pulled out his dick and opened my ass with his hands so he could have easier access to my pussy. He worked his dick into me slowly, he couldn’t go fast, he knew I would scream. My pussy juices were flowing down my leg just thinking about us getting caught made me even more juicy. He put his hands around my waist, I pushed my abs down and ass up, while he pulled me into him. I moaned with pleasure and threw my head back, he smacked my ass. He went so deep inside me he hit my G-spot, we did this over and over for at least fifteen minutes, I was sure to cum. Then he changed it up, he put his right hand on my left hip and is left hand on my right shoulder, I knew he was getting more leverage. I pushed my ass up again as he pulled me into him. I moaned with pleasure, he felt so good inside me. He did it over and over, sheer pleasure I came all over, he came not to long after me.We left the room out of breath and happy.

We sat back on the couch and started talking some more. Within a few minutes we were ready for round two. He led me into the bathroom. He sat on the toilet and told me to ride the dick. I was ready I wanted to show him my skills. I straddled his dick grabbed it and guided it inside me, once I got it inside I grabbed the counter and the back of the toilet for leverage. I started to move my hips slowly in a diamond shape, so he could feel my walls, while I was doing this I moved my legs and ass up in down. He pulled my hair and smacked my ass I arched my back so he could go deeper inside me. I could feel my face getting hot I was about to cum, as soon as I did my legs tensed up and came on his dick.The feeling of me cumin on his dick must have felt good because he pulled out and came. I put my leggings back on and we walked out of the bathroom. I knew we were caught when everyone was waiting in the living room. My girls were ready to leave, they both looked at me with what the hell happened in there expressions. I smiled at them and shook my head meaning I would tell them on the way home. Him, Aaron and Ivan walked us to the car and Dion said he would call me later.

Dion and I started talking more and more. I learned a lot about him and he learned a lot about me. I began to develop feelings for the kid I can’t even lie. We had a connection and I knew I was in trouble because now it was more then just sex. I wanted to do something special for him one last time before he left for Chicago to see his family. It was christmas time and he was leaving and I knew I wasn’t going to get none while he was gone. The week before I had made a special trip to Victoria’s Secret and I was excited to show off my new sexy lingerie. It was a lace black thong with a matching bra. So again me an the girls got dressed up and headed to Aaron’s house. I was excited to see Dion, I wanted to feel him inside me and I wanted to cum on his dick again.

When we got there we started drinking and hanging out, we were all hanging out on the couch talking and drinking. To my dismay Dion still hadn’t come to Aaron’s. I was pissed, I kept texting him and asking him where he was, he didn’t reply. So with no hope I consumed all the alcohol I could get my hands on, I was loaded. About fifteen minutes later, Dion walked through the door I smiled and he pulled me aside and told me to go to another room and he would follow. I sat on the bed and anticipated him coming into the room. He came in and closed the door, walked over to me slowly and kissed me softly on my lips. I got butterflies, he put his hands behind my head and kissed me again. I was getting wetter and wetter with each kiss. I leaned back on the bed and took off my pants, he pulled off my panties and lifted up my legs. He entered me slowly, making me more juicy then ever before. My pussy was wrapped around his dick, he slid in and out of me making moan with every thrust. I wanted him to go harder but I knew he couldn’t because we had to be quiet. I arched my back so he could do deeper inside me, he grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his dick, I moaned with pleasure. I wanted more, he felt so good inside me, I didn’t want it to end. He took my hands and put them over my head and grabbed both my wrists with one hand, I wrapped my legs around his waist and let him fuck me. He started pounding my pussy, making me moan with his free hand he pulled my hair. I came all over the place and all over his dick. We both started laughing, we always had great sex. I got dressed, I had to leave unfortunately. It was the last time I would see him for a long time.

Over the next couple of months Dion and I talked more and more. He was 2,000 miles away and I was going through withdrawals from the dick. I truly missed Dion and was beginning to have feelings for him. I found out that when he got back that he would be leaving two days after for San Diego, he would be gone for another six weeks. I didn’t know what to do I started plotting my rendezvous with him, there was a two day window to see him and I was determined to make to happen! A week before he got back I made another trip to Victoria’s Secret, with my girl Mya and my best guy friend Shawn to pick out something sexy to wear when I saw him. I found the perfect thing, it was a red lace baby doll that came with a matching thong. Shawn bought it for me, he wanted me to have a special night. Lord knows I was excited when Mya and I ventured down to see Dion. I was wearing a black sweatshirt over my lingerie so I could surprise him. I got in his car and trust I was ready to fuck, he wanted to talk and catch up. After about fifteen minutes of driving around we pulled back into the parking lot, he said he had to go. I was pissed, I wanted him all to myself and I knew he was going to go home to his girl. Taken over by emotion I got out of the car trying not to cry, so I laughed and asked him for a kiss. I wouldn’t see Dion for another three months.

Lord knows I had feelings for Dion, I truly cared for him but I could never seem to tell him what I wanted out of our relationship, so I missed out on my chance with him because of myself. I talked to Dion on occasion, I was going through things at school and I wasn’t really concerned with him I knew he had his “friends” in San Diego. Eventually, we stopped talking all together. I had erased his number essentially erasing him out of my life, I was trying to move on. One day out of the blue I got a text, “What’s happenin’ miss lady” from a number that was out of state. I knew exactly who it was, it was Dion. I sat down on my bed and stared at my phone I didn’t know what to say to him. About ten minutes later I finally responded.”Hey you!!! Long time no talk…I miss ya tall ass. A lot has happened.” All the feelings that I thought had gone away came rushing back to me. Damn, I was stuck once again. We started talking almost everyday catching up on life, he was no longer with that random chick and he was back in Washington he wanted me to come see him. I missed him a lot so of coarse I had to go.

It was easter sunday I was going to see Dion. My stomach was filled with butterflies the whole ride there, I was anxious and scared. My mind was racing with questions I had gained a little weight since I last seen him I didn’t know if he was still going to be attracted to me. Even with all the anxiety I thought about the glorious dick I couldn’t wait I was getting wet with anticipation. When we arrived on base I was excited I couldn’t stop smiling, I couldn’t wait to see him. He had one of his random friends come get Mya and I to drive us to the ship, he couldn’t leave he was a certified bad ass. The ride to the ship seemed to take forever I just wanted to be there already and see him. When we got to the ship I was instructed to get out of the truck and that he should be there. I got out of the truck and watched it drive away he was going to go get Mya, the wind was blowing my dress and my hair everywhere, I stood and look at the boat I didn’t know where to go I felt like I was in a movie. I stood at the bottom of the steel steps looking across the bridge that lead to the ship, I felt foreign I felt like I didn’t belong. I looked down at my phone, my best friend had just text me.
“Don’t worry girl you will be fine, you ain’t got nothing to worry about” I smiled. As soon as I read the text, I heard a deep familiar voice yell “Why the hell you look so damn lost for? Get over here!” I immediately started smiling and looked up, it was Dion, he looked so damn cute. I walked across the bridge he was waiting at the other end. I gave him a huge hug, he kissed me on my forehead. I couldn’t stop smiling and I didn’t really know how to act, it was awkward at first because it had been so long. We caught up while we waited for Mya to get to the ship. When she got there, he took us into the ship and down to the eating area where we sat down, I couldn’t take my hands or my lips off him. I kept rubbing his upper leg, just reminding him what I wanted to do, suddenly he put my hand on his dick and I started playing with it through his pants, it got harder and harder while I played with it. I looked at him, he was ready.

We kissed playfully as we got up and started heading towards the back of the ship. All eyes are were on me, everyone knew what we were about o do I smiled knowing I was being reckless. He could get kicked out of the Navy for what we were about to do and I was immediately excited always willing to try new things. We headed to a secret back room, my mind was racing, I was imagining him inside me I was getting even more wet just thinking about it. I was wearing a dress so he could have easier access to me. When we got into the room He bent me over the counter, lifted up my dress, pulled down my leggings and nibbled on me from my neck down to my hips, I started dripping down my leg. I started moaning and rocking my hips front to back wanting him to enter me. He pulled out his dick put his hand on my shoulder to bend me over further. He opened my ass with his hands I could feel him forcing his dick inside me. I was tight I grabbed the edges of the counter while he grabbed my hips an thighs he forced himself inside me. I moaned loudly, I could feel him in my ribs, he felt so good I missed the feeling of him inside me. My juices were pouring down his dick while he was sliding in and out of me hitting my spot every time. I was moaning like crazy, I arched my back so he could go deeper, my face got hot I started breathing harder I could feel my heart rate go up I knew that I was about to cum, a tingling sensation came over me. My legs started to shake I could feel the cum dripping down my leg I smiled with satisfaction, it was a nice little quicky.

We headed towards the eating room and started talking again, he grabbed the inside of my thigh and made his way towards my clit and started playing with it through my leggings. About a ten minutes later he was ready for round two but we couldn’t go to the same place we didn’t want to get caught. He called his friend over and asked him if anyone was in the medical room, there wasn’t so we had full access. We walked in and I observed the office it looked like your regular doctors office, there was a bed and a counter it was like our own sex playground we could do any position we wanted to. I took off my shoes and got up on the bed, there were stirrups where my legs could go, my mind was going crazy with all the different positions we could do. I pulled him in between my legs and we started kissing. I wrapped my legs around his waist, he laid me down and pulled down my leggings. I put my feet up on the stirrups and put my pussy as close to the edge as possible so he could go inside me. He slid inside me easily I was wet as a streaming river. He started fucking me slowly making me feel every inch going in and out, I moaned in his ear. I grabbed the back of his neck while he nibbled on my breasts and I arched my back. I could feel every inch of him inside me, I wanted more. He took my legs, put them on his shoulders and pressed in he started going faster thrusting as hard as he could trying to make me hurt like the first time. I couldn’t help myself this time I moaned loudly and he instantly covered my mouth stifling my moans while thrusting harder and going deeper then he had ever gone before I was in ecstasy. The sound of me moaning and the tightness of my pussy probably was feeling to good he pulled out and came on me. We started kissing hoping to have time for another round. We laid there together kissing and touching in that room for another thirty minutes. There was no time for another round I had to go visiting hours were over. We kissed goodbye, in my gut I knew that would be the last time I would ever see him I didn’t want him to leave. A tear rolled down my face while he told me we would see each other before he left, I smiled and headed to the car.

Two weeks later he said he I could come to see him on the ship so I started my plan to go see him one last time before he left for deployment. Mya and I headed down to the base for what we knew as the last time, I stared out the window I knew there was a fifty fifty chance that I wouldn’t get to see him, I didn’t tell Mya that I knew it would just piss her off. We were waiting at a QFC parking lot for him to call to tell us we could come to the ship. About an hour went by and still no call, I wasn’t going to wait around just for him to say no so Mya and I left, we didn’t know where we were going to go but we knew that we would have something to do. Part of me was angry and the other part of me was extremely sad but I live by the motto “Everything happens for a reason”so I had to just let it go, let him go. Just as the heavens opened up and let the rain fall I finally let my emotions go and I started to cry. It was a bittersweet ending to my whirlwind sexual romance with my sexy sailor.

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