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3 hot sex positions GUARUNTEED pleasure

(top left)
This type of Cunnilingus is difficult to imagine at first glance but if you use a bed or similar stuff it’s rather obvious. Ladies sit on the edge of the bed and lay back bend your knees and lean back until you reach the position. Have your man lay on the bed so he can reach your vagina and makes what is obvious from the cunnilingus name. This position requires your man to be strong enough to hold you up while you support yourself with your arms on the bed. The view and the extreme form of the woman torso makes this position very very interesting and if you tried it once never forget the view!!!

(top right) Have your man sit down on a bed (or wherever your at) then sit into his lap facing your man. Then lean backward and place your hands on the bed while placing your feet on the bed as well. Ladies you have a lot of freedom to move and this is the most important advantage of this position. In this position do not allow for any vigorous thrusting it’s a convenient way to build up a more sensual contact and reach multiple orgasms.

(bottom) Another way for you fellas to give your woman cunnilingus! This position is pretty easy, it’s a guaranteed orgasm and one of my favorites!!

Alter Ego

Alter Ego

Sean and I had been dating for a little over a year and we were already hitting a dry spot in our relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I love him and everything, but I had sexual needs that weren’t being met. I mean the shit was seriously getting boring for me and we hardly did the nasty anymore. Everything was great in the beginning; shit, we could hardly keep our hands off each other. Every chance we got, Sean’s dick was inside me. The sex was so good, that after about five months, we moved in together. That’s when everything started going wrong. He seriously started tripping and was getting way too comfortable. His boys took priority over pleasing my pussy. That shit was about to stop. Something drastic needed to change or I was out of this relationship for good.
Me and my girl Keisha were both having some sex issues in our relationships and decided to go to the adult store together. I was completely unsatisfied with all the vibrators and dildos. I wanted the real thing. Then it hit me – I would get a sexy little outfit and dress up for my man and surprise him! I got the most hoochie mama dress I could find; it was short and backless with a swoop neck front. I got 5” heels and a short Halle Berry like wig. I thought the wig looked banging on me because I had shoulder length hair and it made me look like a totally different person. Excited to get my freak on, I rushed home only to be disappointed by a note:

“Baby, went out with the boys to ‘Fever Lounge’. See you when I get home around 2am.
love you,

Completely infuriated, I sat down and contemplated packing my bags; but I couldn’t do it. I loved him and I just needed to rekindle the flame! Then I thought if the dick wasn’t where I wanted it, why not go get the dick? I got my outfit on and looked myself in the mirror. I had to do a double take I looked so different. I looked at my ass for at least five minutes because it looked even better thanks to the heels. I knew Sean was in for a surprise as I switched my hips and left for the lounge. I was ready to fuck.
I rolled up to the club in my Suburban on a mission. I wanted his dick and I was going to get it. As soon as I walked into the club I immediately caught the eye of almost every man in the lounge; all except my hubby. At least I knew he wasn’t cheating on me. I sent a drink over to him and he glanced at me, smiled, and went back to kicking it with his boys. I grabbed my drink and slinked over towards his table slowly switching my hips, making it impossible for him not to watch. I leaned on the table and flirtatiously touched his arm; I got wet just by the feel of his muscular bicep.
“Hello, my name is Carmella. I’m your girlfriend’s alter ego and I have been neglected for too dayum long. You either need to start paying some attention to me or Corrine and I are going to be out that door.” I pointed to the exit of the lounge. He looked up surprised that it was actually me standing in front of him. “Daayyumm baby you look hot,” he smiled because he knew it was on. I leaned all the way over and whispered, “Prove it.”
I started to strut away towards the bar. As soon as I got there I could feel his hands around my waist and his dick on my ass. He started kissing my neck and I turned towards him so he could grab my ass. I was so wet I wanted fuck right there on the bar.
“Baby lets go home,” He said.
“No, I want you now.” I grabbed his arm and led him into the bathroom.
I was getting ready to fuck. We locked the bathroom door behind us so that we could have a little bit of privacy. I turned towards him and pushed him up against the wall, we started kissing passionately; he couldn’t keep his hands off me. I sat on the sink and wrapped my legs around his waist; I could feel him protruding through his pants. I moaned from wanting him inside me so bad. I couldn’t wait, but he had other plans. He fingered me while I played with my clit. He wanted me to cum so he stuck a second finger in and started playing with my pussy rigorously. My juices were all over the counter; I started moaning like crazy. I could feel my face getting hot and my legs started shaking uncontrollably as I came all over his fingers. I took his fingers and placed them in my mouth and sucked my cum off to show him what he was in for. I smirked as I hopped off the counter and I pushed him up against the sink, unbuttoning his pants. I wanted to taste him. I pulled down his slacks, whipped out his dick, and giggled with excitement. I licked around the head, teasing with my mouth, and took him all the way in. Never before had I deep-throated his shit, but tonight I did. I could feel his dick pulsating in my mouth while I sucked as hard as I could. All he could muster was a, “Baby YES!” as he came in my mouth and down my throat. He tasted SO good, I wanted more. I kept sucking on his glorious dick, making him hard again. He leaned against the counter motioning for me to bend over. I happily got up, pulled up my dress, and slid his dick inside me. He started thrusting his hips towards mine; I could feel him go so deep inside me. A moan escaped my lips as my pussy continued to wrap tighter around his dick, flexing and pulsating with every thrust. He grabbed my hips, holding me still while he fucked me as hard as he could. Corrine tried to pull away, but it hurt too good for Carmella to allow it.
“FUCK ME DADDY!” I yelled. I felt his dick going in and out of me; each thrust took him deeper and deeper inside of me, pounding my walls. I wanted more. Right on cue, he turned me over, picked me up, and placed me on the counter. He held both my legs and entered me as I wrapped my arms around his neck for support. He slowly slid in and out of me while doing circles inside me.
“FUCK!! Babe, don’t stop!” My legs were trembling. I was going to cum again. He could feel me pulsating so he started thrusting harder, hitting the back of my walls. I let out a scream as we came at the same time. I clung to his neck as I lost complete control of my body; we were both shaking.
I giggled. He kissed me on my lips while we both got ourselves together. I fixed my wig and reapplied my lipstick. Before we left, I put my finger on his lips “Shhhh, it’s our little secret. Don’t tell anyone.”
When we opened the door, all his boys were standing outside trying to figure out what happened. I smiled and blew a kiss to them while I seductively switched my hips and walked past them. I smiled to myself; I knew Sean was going to get props for bagging a complete stranger and to this day, his friends still think just that.
But maybe he did.
After all, Carmella is my alter ego.

LELO Luna Beads

Meet the amazing Luna. AThe Pleasure Bead System by Lelo is a combination pleasure tool and pelvic muscle strengthener that is meant to be worn internally while doing everyday activities. The weighted balls help you to exercise the muscles in the pelvic floor, which are responsible for sexual pleasure, keeping the vaginal walls elastic and responsive to stimulation, which can increase your orgasmic potential. Pleasure aside, the PC muscles also help with continence and overall sexual well-being.

‘My homegirl got me the LELO Luna ball system for my birthday. When I asked what they were she said they were like Ben Wa Balls. When I opened up the package, they were like nothing I’d ever seen before, 2 colored sets of silicone beads with weights inside them. The colors indicated the weight inside the beads. Pink weighing 28 grams and blue weighing 37 grams. Each set of beads has a foundation bead with a string attached to it and a crown bead which is the bead without the string. The beads are to be placed into this composition girdle, that pretty much looks like 2 silicone rings attached together in the middle, where you can put any two combination of beads in at a time. So you can have weights inside you ranging from 28 to 74 grams.

I was very excited to try the Luna Beads out and decided I was going to use the two pink beads together in the girdle as my first test. So looking at the manual and seeing how they recommend you insert the beads I was ready. I laid on my back on my bed with beads in hand and slowly inserted the crown bead inside me with the retraction bead at the end. It went in very easy. The first bead was in and the second went in almost as easily as the first. After both were in I made sure that the beads rested just inside my PC muscle, which is one of the muscles that it helps strengthen.

Once I stood up I could feel the weights moving inside of me. I was pleasantly surprised how they moved and didn’t make any noise. It was amazing how quickly my muscles grabbed to them and held the beads in. I didn’t have to do any of the work, my muscles were doing it for me. They felt really comfortable and natural inside me. After walking around with them in I knew I was hooked. After having the beads in for a few hours I was feeling very happy and noticed I was making little small expressions of pleasure every time I got up, moved, or walked. I could feel my muscles moving ever so slightly each movement I made. It was so much fun!

On the second day of use I was still amazed at how awesome the beads felt inside me. They moved with every step I took around the house. Each time I moved I had to make sure I kept my pleasurable outbursts to myself. I even was nicely surprised that they even made me a little horny throughout the day, which is a major plus.

The Luna Beads are an incredible product. I look forward to using them everyday, I can already feel my muscles getting stronger. I think that Luna Beads would be a perfect product for anyone trying to develop and work their kegel muscles. So easy, comfortable and compatible with your body. Don’t need to worry if your doing it right or not. Your body and the product work together on their own.

Lelo has offered yet another astounding product.’

So ladies if you don’t have time or you don’t remember to do your kegals I HIGHLY suggest this product!

Have fun. Be safe. Enjoy sex.

Oh!! Heres the link! It’s cheaper through other websites but this is the official LELO website

LELO Luna beads