Take a journey with me through my sexcapades!

(top left)
This type of Cunnilingus is difficult to imagine at first glance but if you use a bed or similar stuff it’s rather obvious. Ladies sit on the edge of the bed and lay back bend your knees and lean back until you reach the position. Have your man lay on the bed so he can reach your vagina and makes what is obvious from the cunnilingus name. This position requires your man to be strong enough to hold you up while you support yourself with your arms on the bed. The view and the extreme form of the woman torso makes this position very very interesting and if you tried it once never forget the view!!!

(top right) Have your man sit down on a bed (or wherever your at) then sit into his lap facing your man. Then lean backward and place your hands on the bed while placing your feet on the bed as well. Ladies you have a lot of freedom to move and this is the most important advantage of this position. In this position do not allow for any vigorous thrusting it’s a convenient way to build up a more sensual contact and reach multiple orgasms.

(bottom) Another way for you fellas to give your woman cunnilingus! This position is pretty easy, it’s a guaranteed orgasm and one of my favorites!!

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