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I’m breathing heavy
Watching my chest rise up and down slowly
Softly moaning
My legs shake uncontrollably
I push — you pull

My back arches
Pressing your tongue inside me
I get butterflies while I close my eyes
Letting you consume me
I push — you pull

My whole body is burning
I’m about to burst
Hot then cold my whole body trembles
I come down slowly
I push — you pull

…I go to heaven again

Does size REALLY matter?

This is a question that I get asked a lot and I talk about this with my girlfriends all the time. I’m sure you all hear the response “it’s all about the motion in the ocean” but is this really true? Do women really not care about how big a mans dick is?

For me, size does matter when it comes to giving head. I have this thing about giving head to a guy with a small penis, I wont do it, it freaks me the fuck out!! But when it comes down to sex I don’t think size matters, it really is all about the motion. Just because it’s big DOESN’T mean dude knows how to put it down! I mean I prefer a big ol thang but there is such a thing as too big.

I have had the best sexual experience with a dude that had a “small” dick but I have also walked out of a room because dudes penis was waaaayyy to big. I refuse to have my insides mutilated. That’s just my opinion. I know plenty of girls that think size matters it’s a debate that all of us females have and we all have different preferences.