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Your fantasy


“Your Fantasy”
I searched for what seemed like eternity, on a path to reach your soul, I almost lost my sanity, even though I promised you I wouldn’t lose my self-control.
At first I thought it was my imagination, I tried to pretend you weren’t real, you’re the most amazing man, and each word you speak creates a separate, hot sensation, how can I ignore what you make me feel?
It must be impossible to cease, wanting to be in your arms, all through the night, my love can never decrease, so why do you put up this fight?
Don’t even try to resist, when my hand creeps up your thigh, we haven’t even kissed, yet you’re hard, and I think I know why.
I move your hands to my breasts, and I take your cock out and give it a squeeze. Let me put your body to the test, I get on my knees, and beg you, “Please?”
I take your dick in my lips, and suck it slow, then fast, you’ll love it when I roll my hips, I guarantee I’ll let you play awhile, and promise to make you last.
I get you real hard, then you kiss me so quick, after you cover yourself with a latex guard, I lay on my back, and you take me to paradise with your dick.
You sink inside me, with every single thrust, you bring me closer to coming, but then you bust.
You come inside of my body, or so I thought, yet you’ve got a look in your eyes that only can be naughty, and you’re still pulsing, thick, and hot.
So we change position, with me mounting your bare, awesome erection, what put our bodies in this needy, horny condition? I don’t really care, because you feel good without protection.
So I ride you, rolling my hips back and forth, up and down, all across and around, you like what I do, so you rub and caress my swollen mound, I lean down and fuck you faster, you suck my nipples and hold my ass, I tell you I’m your only master; you agree, and say that as your woman, I pass.
You stand up and take me to the wall, then pound me fast and hard, we finish on the floor of the main hall, the cool tiles chilling us down, and our orgasms remind me of that fusion magic card.