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We had been seeing each other for quite sometime and he finally opened up to me about his fantasies. he told me that he wanted to take me with him to a swingers party. He wanted me to be the first woman he brought into his sanctuary. So naturally i said yes and was really excited to go with him. a few days went by and I got a text stating that he wanted to take me to the next party a couple days out. I could tell he was nervous 1) because i was the first girl he had ever taken with him to an event and 2) because my sexual energy was intense and i know that he wanted to show me off. I made my way to the neighborhood sex store and did what any good hoe in a situation like this would do. I bought a collar. It was a hot red silver studded leather collar with dangling chains. I couldnt wait to show my daddy what i had in store for him. Later that night he knocked on my door. I greeted him dressed in black from head to toe no color accept the red collar. I happily gave him the leash and told him i belonged to him for the night. He smiled with sheer pleasure and i could tell that i put his mind at ease. I myself was acting out my most sacred fantasy, belonging to one man, a role i never played in personal or work life. I was just as nervous as heck to go into this supreme sexual sanctuary. The drive there was almost impossible to bear. I was nervous as heck but i tried not to let it be known to him. I was his prized possession and his queen i had to hold my head up high. i was ready to perform and put on a show. As we walked up the lighted path towards the sanctuary I could feel the intense sexual energy surging from him. He was I couldnt wait to tour the home that we walked into. I was already wet with desire and i could tell he was getting excited just by me getting excited. when you walked into the mansion

I was his prized possession and his queen, I had to hold my head up high. I was ready top perform and put on a show. As we walked up the dimly lit path towards the sanctuary I was getting more and more nervous for the events about to take place. I could feel myself get wet with pure excitement. I could feel the sexual energy surging as soon as we walked through the doors.