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Looking for love in all the wrong places
I’ve become blatantly complacent with the changing faces
In my bed
My heart yearns for love as my body craves lust
I’m addicted;
Addicted to the non commitment that is given during the intermission of our
Sex games
Addicted to the heat that’s between the sheets when we meet
Addicted to your touch that instantly makes me blush between my thighs
As I look into your eyes I see nothing
But I want something
That’s more then just this temporary lust

Late night special

OMG OMG OMG!!! How to eat pussy 2 by @Freddy_E is too hot for YouTube. I’m not one to get turned out but uuuuhhhh this video made me feel some kind of way, the way that boy rolls his tongue made my my legs shake!
FELLAS : Take notes
LADIES : Send this to your dude or make him watch it an take notes!!!
Spice up that sex life 😉 How To Eat Pussy PT 2

Get the week started off right!

Introducing #moodsettermondays
This is something I wanted to incorporate into my blog for awhile now. I’m going to talk about little ways to spice up your sex life or helpful ways get you some! Topics will range from playlists to the art of seduction.

So this week I’m featuring a sex mix. Hope y’all enjoy!
DJ @VegatheVirgo Super sexy mix #moodsettermondays