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The Art of Seduction PT 1

Some people may read this and think that I’m an easy lay or a hoe that can’t keep her legs closed. I don’t expect everyone to enjoy or accept the openness of my sexuality, but at the end of the day, it’s not about what people think about me or my sex life. It’s about fulfilling my needs and exploring my beautiful sexuality. Sex has a different meaning to me. It’s a form of artistic expression. The beauty of sex is completely fascinating to me; connecting with someone on a physical level and coming together for a common goal is something truly beautiful in my eyes. I know what I want sexually and I refuse to settle for anything less. I tend to laugh to myself after one of my crazy Sexcapades. The scenarios I tend to get in are truly laughable the day after but, during it’s an amazing experience. Sometimes there’s even that one experience that’s good enough to go down in the books. Someone once asked me how they could seduce me. I didn’t even have to think before the answer left my mouth “A perfect combination of mental stimulation and flirtation.” To me…that’s Seduction.

As women, we are naturally emotional creatures always looking and yearning to be loved by another person. Whether you’re looking for love or not, it’s in our DNA to want to feel wanted. The biggest mistake women make is letting these emotions affect your choices when it comes to men. We often focus too much on what could be or what may happen with him, filling our own heads with fairy tale scenarios and feeding into the sweet nothings that are being said to us in the heat of the moment. And when you think with your heart and not with your head, the power is his. It’s that moment of lust; letting unrealistic thoughts take over your mind completely while searching for love in that immediate infatuation. All the while, you’re losing yourself completely and submitting your heart to his words. You’re trying to force the physical attraction to be something more than what it was originally meant to be and ending up in situations that leave us emotionally scarred and damaged. That’s where we lose — when we drown ourselves in a sea of emotions and fictitious romance from desperately wanting him to save us.

I enjoy the natural push and pull of attraction. The flirtatious playful banter that slowly builds anticipation and sexual attraction between two people. The simple touch the sends electric currents through your body, bringing you closer together with every touch. The deep, silent gazes that can rock you to your core and give you butterflies while letting your bodies talk because all your mouth can do it laugh. In the playfulness of discovering and exploring someone new, we all yearn for that deep connection with another person; the natural-click anticipation between two auras that invigorates the mind, body, and soul. The simple sigh of relief while sharing intimate parts of your life and someone gets it. Gets you. However, this doesn’t always happen and sometimes it’s better if no words are said at all. But when it does happen, your soul feels at peace and your heart smiles within. These mental mind fucks are the key to great sex.

I feel like every woman should be able to feel the power of seduction. Not only is it an amazing feeling, but being able to seduce a man while maintaining control of your emotions is something worth conquering. As women, the need for mental stimulation is essential in order for you to truly enjoy sex. It’s when you’re able to build your own sexual fantasy in your head and lure him into it while being able to read his body language and careful advances. You’re carefully analyzing the intimate words that are being shared, observing his response, and testing the depths of your conversation, making subtle advances in response to his. Lead him through your sexual fantasy, into your world. Naturally go with the flow of the sexual attraction between you, keeping in mind that this is just a moment and nothing lasts forever. You have to be at peace with the fact that this, this very moment, may only happen once and that it may not be more then just lust. Slowly become more comfortable in your own skin and let go of all inhibitions. Set your mind, body, and soul free and bless him with that gift. The gift of seeing you in all your glory.